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Division 1 History & Records

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Division 1 History & Records

Post by Bren on Sun Apr 10, 2016 4:57 pm

38 teams have competed in the top tier of BRNZ club rugby. You can see a full list here.

Most Titles: Millennium Falcons (7)
Biggest Run of Titles: Magratheans (6)
Most Seasons in Division One: Hercufleas United (21)
Most Consecutive Seasons in Division One: The Kiwi BROSers (15) and Millennium Falcons (15)

All-Time Most Caps in Division One

1Ozzie East*Millennium Falcons209
2Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons201
3Michael ChungThe Kiwi BROSers196
3Brock BertramThe Kiwi BROSers196
5Dwayne Raymond*Millennium Falcons195
5Inoka BaiThe Kiwi BROSers195
7Cain LemmonThe Kiwi BROSers193
8Oscar HerringThe Kiwi BROSers192
9Allen TectorHercufleas United186
10Ozzie GoodspeedNew Lynn Red Sox181
11Manuarii Tueti*New Lynn Red Sox173
12Bo DouglassThe Kiwi BROSers171
13Ryan CowenThe Kiwi BROSers169
13Flint CopeThe Kiwi BROSers169
13Seihachi ShimamuraThe Kiwi BROSers169
16Alan Carson*Excelsior168
17Merlin NapperNew Lynn Red Sox167
18Justin ElwickThe Kiwi BROSers166
19Brendan RouseHercufleas United164
20George HarrissonMillennium Falcons160
All-Time Most Points in Division One

1Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons3379
2Lance BrewerThe Kiwi BROSers2393
3Ian LochlainMagratheans1951
4Oscar MarrExcelsior1678
5Louis Cashmore*Sparker1539
6George TarapuOld McDonald Had A Farm1490
7Aiden ForrestHautapu Hopefools1292
8Rodolphe KiriauNew Lynn Red Sox1290
9Patrice TheronHercufleas United1215
10Trenton CogginNew Lynn Red Sox912
11Rueben CarlessHautapu Hopefools869
12Emmet GairExcelsior / Manukau Phantoms / Hercufleas United / Sparker801
13Kieran HardingWestern Woah766
14Kobe SproatFRuity Oenological Gastronomes760
15Neil DevaneRuck N Rollers731
16John Rutherford*New Lynn Red Sox583
16Markia RuakereHercufleas United / Melville RFC583
18Gerard FallonT-Hawks / Melville RFC573
19Jay DeanHercufleas United549
20Chip WallerEidolon548
All-Time Most Tries in Division One

1Oscar HerringThe Kiwi BROSers102
2George HarrissonMillennium Falcons101
3Seihachi ShimamuraThe Kiwi BROSers97
4Brock BertramThe Kiwi BROSers90
5Regan LatimerThe Kiwi BROSers88
6Claudiu BeraruExcelsior86
6Winslow LeghMagratheans86
8Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons85
9Manu FleetwoodMagratheans81
10Troy SucklingHercufleas United77
11Saini LopetiMagratheans75
12Weylin MasoeMagratheans73
13Paul TazewellOld McDonald Had A Farm71
14Thane DevittMagratheans69
15Parry Harries*Millennium Falcons68
15Markia RuakereHercufleas United / Melville RFC68
17Tyler ClaytonMillennium Falcons67
18Pepe Díaz*Millennium Falcons66
19Lance BrewerThe Kiwi BROSers64
20Robert BadcockHercufleas United63
Season Records for Points in Division One

1Ian LochlainMagratheans14342
2Ian LochlainMagratheans12286
3Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons22281
3Lance BrewerThe Kiwi BROSers11281
5Oscar MarrExcelsior15278
6Lance BrewerThe Kiwi BROSers7277
7Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons24270
8Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons21266
9Lance BrewerThe Kiwi BROSers13265
10Gerard FallonMelville RFC25262
11Ian LochlainMagratheans10260
11Oliver KerinThe Poverty Bay Orange Boys12260
13Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons23254
14George TarapuOld McDonald Had A Farm11248
15Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons25247
16Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons19238
17Ian LochlainMagratheans13236
18Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons20232
19Rodolphe KiriauNew Lynn Red Sox18230
20Simon Seales*Millennium Falcons18229
Season Records for Tries in Division One

Rank Player Team Season Tries
1 Oscar Herring The Kiwi BROSers 17 19
2 Winslow Legh Magratheans 14 18
2 Manu Fleetwood Magratheans 12 18
4 Weylin Masoe Magratheans 12 17
5 Claudiu Beraru Excelsior 17 16
5 Kauri Molia The Poverty Bay Orange Boys 12 16
7 Winslow Legh Magratheans 11 15
7 Manu Fleetwood Magratheans 14 15
7 Parry Harries* Millennium Falcons 21 15
7 Alan Bontine* Millennium Falcons 22 15
7 Quintin Daly The Poverty Bay Orange Boys 12 15
7 Tommy Buss Crack Smokin Monkeys 15 15
13 George Harrisson Millennium Falcons 21 14
13 George Harrisson Millennium Falcons 22 14
13 Weylin Masoe Magratheans 14 14
13 Thane Devitt Magratheans 13 14
13 Tyler Clayton Millennium Falcons 20 14
13 Spencer Dymock New Lynn Red Sox 18 14
13 Corey Acton Millennium Falcons 22 14
13 James Waghorn Magratheans 11 14
13 Tod Loader The Poverty Bay Orange Boys 12 14

* = Currently Active in Division One (as of Season 28/Round 2)

Last Updated end of Season 27

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